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Ooh I like it! I mean, there is about a 5% chance I will still be living here when the project finishes, but at least it will be nice for future generations?

Just goes to show that large scale private infrastructure improvements like the CSX tunnel expansion can have knock on effects for improvement of public infrastructure too. A win win for the entire community. With this additional improvement the NIMBY crowd should be nuetralized as they have little legitimate arguement for opposing the project.

I actually love it. I will lose my uber fast access from my garage while backing onto I Street and zipping onto Virginia Avenue. But... I gain the cul-de-sac, more green space to view from my window and for kids to play. Yes, the construction will be a major pain and I am completely empathize with some of me neighbors who feel more directly impacted due to their closer project proximity. But, this neighborhood is fantastic and just getting better and better. I'll ride this construction train out and come out the other side of the tunnel (pun intended) all the more enriched.

Ok. Clearly in my zeal to post, I did not proof read. Ugh! :)

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