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It's Fox so they have to twist bicycles to be bad. Late Sunday evening, just after a positive story on increasing bicycle use the new anchor comment something very close to (can't remember exactly) "Yea and we know how much everyone likes them on the roads". Fox always find some way to fuel the anti-bike people.

The doctor is a locally infamous hack without relevant scientific credentials, who hawks omega-3 supplements. I'm not at all surprised to see him in this context.

Fox needs to read this:


If they actually cared about peoples' safety, they would advocate drastic reductions in car usage...

"Washcycle, following Fox News so we don't have to."*

*I used to always say this about The Daily Show, so, depending on your leanings, this can be interpreted as either a compliment or an insult.

It's worse than that. I have some searches that send me info and this one started with a Daily Caller article. So I'm actually reading Daily Caller so that you don't have to.

Having now actually viewed the segment, I think I will eschew the helmet and carry some menhaden.

Note, I am actually a believer in the brain benefits of DHA and we are such greenies bei uns zu hause, that we buy the algae-derived stuff at an exorbitant price.

These days, I am wearing medallions personally blessed by Tim Howard as my talismans.

To be fair, in the middle of the segment he said we need better infrastructure, like Europe, and absent that, helmets are a good way to protect our brains ... and following the law. Well, duh.

They say the local news stations with the highest ratings (the most viewers) are the best ones and the worst ones. Guess which Fox 5 is.

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