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That's pretty interesting and i'm glad she took to the GWMP before the path existed. It's that sort of DIY that motivates the policymakers to build the infrastructure.

Excellent post re: bike commuting pioneer.

Credit to Dave S. (@darsal) for finding her on Linked in too!


Great post, awesome woman!


thanks so much for posting this, very interesting. kudos to ms. gilbert-silva! I seem to recall reading a few years ago about a concert (violinist/cellist?) who was struggling with an airport about its refusal to allow bicycling--he flew frequently and preferred riding his bike to the airport--I think he actually got arrested for ignoring the ban.

She's an absolute hero.

Wonderful story. Can't believe all the obstacles they put in her way when she was just trying to get to work; she overcame more than I would have.

If anyone wanted to take up a collection for a "nice lightweight bicycle," I would contribute.

I can remember riding on the gravel-covered trail in 1974, when my then-marriage had gone south &, carless, I had to go from DC to Old Town Alexandria to see my divorce lawyer. I think it was still gravel when I later moved to Alexandria & began commuting to my job on the Hill. It was about that time that the unknown source of asbestos fibers in the air turned out to be a gravel pit in Montgomery Co that supplied the surfacing for many paths, parks, & playgrounds in the area, & I have often wondered if it was that discovery that led the NPS to finally pave the MVT with asphalt.

Yes, I vote we find a way to buy this hero a bike!

Katie --

Here's the link:

A 50-year-old concert violinist was beaten, tasered and jailed after he landed at the Minneapolis airport and tried to ride out on a folding bike.

Awesome lady! I'm so glad you caught back up with her.

Great post.

(FYI, you forgot to "sic" the misspellings of "hangar.")

Thanks for this great story!

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