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CM will probably cite this as another reason to push a broomstick through our spokes

And you can't report it to the cops half the time, because half the time the person parking in the bike lane is a cop.

Actually,I was riding downtown(E St?) the other month,and had to pull out into traffic because there were two occupied cars in the bike lane. When I did my shoulder check I saw there was a cop coming up behind me,so after pulling out I turned around and pointed to the cars. Couple seconds later I heard a siren whoop and looked back to see the cop with her lights on next to one of the cars. So there are at least some cops who will do something.

If the fines were more than $65, people would probably be less inclined to take the chance.

dynaryder -- I wish comments here had a 'like' button!

Wouldn't it be nice if ticket revenue from bike-lane violations could go towards the bike lane budget?

+1 MarkT

At some point, the ticket revenue will exceed the cost of putting the bike lanes in - even when you account for O&M to generate those tickets.

Don't you totally hate it when you have to swerve out of a bike lane due to a parked car and accidentally smack the snot out of their wing mirror? I totally hate it when that happens.

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