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This would be excellent!

This law is great news.

As for those bikes,is that a spam post? I saw this 'competition' awhile back,but after seeing these bikes,I'm not even going to bother voting. They're not real commuters,they're art projects. And what's up with them picking a team from Portland and not one from DC? They don't have real commuters in Portland;it's flatter,has milder weather(and no real snow),and the drivers aren't anywhere near as bad as ours.

yeah, a little spammy.

If MD residents could give campaign contributions to DC council members, I would write a check now.

Speaking from personal experience insurance companies are VERY aware of the contributory laws when handling auto-bicycle crashes!

I guess this is the best we can hope for now...but it would be so great to live in a society where the bigger/more dangerous vehicle is always at fault under the law. It makes their drivers behave better. Like in Japan...

jeffb - can you email me at [email protected]? We're looking for potential witnesses to testify at the DC Council hearing on the bill.

If people know others who have been negatively effected by contributory negligence, please have them get in contact with us. They can sign-up here: http://www.waba.org/advocacy/campaigns/dc-contributory-negligence/

WABA Advocacy Coordinator

Sorry -- wasn't trying to spam. Just thought the bikes were of interest to this crew, and didn't see anywhere outside of the comment section to share them.

You can always send emails to me at [email protected]

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