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This is great news, especially on the big stinky to fort totten section of the met branch trail.

I hope DDOT can consider better on or off road protected connections between Brookland/CUA and Columbia Heights.

I'd also love to see pressure for that three block cycletrack on the east side of Louisiana Ave (it's in Move DC) to connect the 1st St cycletrack with the PA Ave track:

So what does "phase II" mean with regard to actual construction of the next Met Branch segment?

I am thrilled about the prospects of having a bike trail on S Capitol! I always see some brave soul biking up S Capitol and I have thought of doing so myself. But it is so unsafe. S Capitol is for all intensive purposes a highway with no shoulders. Plus there is this underpass that gives drivers no visibility. God forbid a car encounter a bicyclist there! Here's to hoping the negotiations go smoothly with Bolling. Is there an estimated completion date?

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