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Re #3, if folk would just signal before crossing a bike lane, that would be enough for me. When they do that I either pass them on the left or slow down to let them turn, and they can turn unimpeded. When they don't signal (and I can't otherwise figure it out from the car's "body language," which can often be done somehow), that's where the potential right hooks come in.

I also wonder about cyclists hitting cars. It just can't be as common as they make it out. I have been in many close calls over the years in the city, and the only time there's been contact or near contact with a car, it was the car hitting or almost hitting me, not vice versa.

Great. Let the cops step up enforcement on jaywalking too.

In general, not a bad interview.

what Crickey said

She clarified that its in the CBD that bikes are banned from cyclists, she reiterated that bikes are allowed to take the lane anywhere, she expressed support for bike lanes with a need for awareness at turns, she mentioned working with WABA (and basically blamed tourists for bad bike behavior.)

I didn't want to be too critical, even if I only mentioned my criticisms. I agree that for off the cuff comments these were pretty good. It's not really her job to know the details of the law, she manages things and spend much more time on recruitment and public relations than she probably does on enforcement details.

But the CBD clarification I think was actually confusing. Not being able to bike on the sidewalk is the exception, so the answer is "yes, but..."

If I asked "Am I allowed to kill someone?" and she answered "It's allowed in response to a credible and imminent threat to your life." She wouldn't be wrong, but she'd be leading with the exception and it would probably confuse more than it clarifies.

I think she sort of missed the bottom line as a public safety official: jaywalking pedestrians and errant bikes don't kill or main people very often. Aggressive or distracted or drunk driving kill and injure people in DC every month.

We need to target the behaviors that threaten and hurt people in proportion to their safety impact. That means slowing down aggressive drivers (especially commuters) and enforcing laws against texting and drunk driving.

I'm with DE. Motorists are very bad with signals.

With the right turn scenario, I think she's talking about things like the 15th St cycletrack. Granted she said bike lane rather than cycletrack, but that's what most people call them even though that's not what they are.

I'm just missing where all of these near misses are along the sidewalks. I've seen pedestrians walk into pedestrians about a dozen times in the last two weeks. It almost always involves a cell phone. Yet, 0 cyclists into a pedestrian.

The important thing is that she does not see cyclists as the enemy.

Yeah, and she was responding to a "concerned" caller, so you'd expect her to be diplomatic and try to sympathize with the caller to some extent. It's not that bad, especially for off-the-cuff comments. A bit of enforcement or education wouldn't be a bad thing either, but the resources could probably be better spent in trying to stop motorists from killing people, imho.

Bicyclists DO kill people. An older pedestrian was killed on a trail by a speeding cyclist. I've been hit by a bike as a pedestrian. He weighed probably 250 lbs & flattened me as I stood waiting for the crosswalk signal. I've had my foot ran over. I am 1000% against bicycles on any sidewalks bc they are reckless. They are also very reckless on the roads, darting in all lanes in moving traffic, running stop signs, running red lights, & failure to signal turns. Bicyclists are just as bad as the drivers & create dangerous situations for cars & pedestrians alike. Bicycle lanes should be everywhere to protect pedestrians.

I was with you right up until "Bicyclists are just as bad as the drivers". The pedestrian who was killed by a bicyclist on a trail a couple of years ago was killed by a cyclist who was not behaving badly. The pedestrian stepped in front of the cyclist and the outcome was tragic.

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