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Is there any list of public bike pumps and repair stands in the DC area?

Orange! I like orange. It's the color of my new mountain-bike-to-be.

So, that's my effort to say something positive biking-related on the Internet today.

Bicycle Space on 7th street provides a stand out front, I think. Many bike shops, such as CycleLife, provide a complementary pump.

There is not a list that I know of. But if people want to create one, we can do that at the washcycle wiki.

This is a website that lists all free pumps. That they know about.


I don't think that's the right link. I'll keep looking. There used to be a site--I contributed to it a few times.

Yes, this site shows some.

How pleasant to live in a city where such a thing would might not be instantly vandalized.

These things look pretty durable, but I checked out the air chuck/adapter, and it is the same consumer grade chuck/adapter on my $35 floor pump at home. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.

I was using a mid-grade Nashbar pump for my bike clinic. It lasted about 4yrs and did prolly somewhere around 750 bikes,plus my own. The head wore to where I needed an adapter for Prestas,but it was the junction of the baseplate and barrel that finally gave out. Still worked if you fiddled with it when I gave it away. If those pumps are solidly attached to the ground I think they last pretty well.

I would have thought placing these in front of the bike station would have made more sense plus offered a little bit more protection against vandals.

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