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The sidewalk/trail along the south side of Maine Avenue SW, between 15th (the Tidal Basin) and 9th (the Wharf), has been narrowed by about half. The inverted-T-shaped metal barriers that they've used would be very hazardous for a bicycle to crash into, since the metal "foot" is just a few inches high.

My commute route takes me on Virgina Ave NW, the heart of the closure zone, and on a bike, it really hasn't been a problem at all this week. This morning's worst delay was from the closure of the Capitol grounds to bike and ped traffic, forcing a detour from East Capitol to Constitution and back to the Mall. Not sure what it was about, maybe security training drill since congress is in recess.

I didn't realize Penn would be closed. It wasn't yesterday, but they had the barricades out this morning so I wondered. It's always a pain when they close that. H Street is one way to other direction for an out-bound commute, and going up to I across New York has never been much fun.

Was pretty crazy downtown this evening. Glad I was on a bike.

Penn in front of the White House was indeed closed last night, but it was open again this morning and I didn't notice a lot of barricades piled up anywhere waiting to be put back up.

I don't go there anymore, but the plaza in front of the White House (that was formerly Pennsylvania Avenue)is blocked frequently. Whenever a head of state is in Blair House.

That never makes the news. If it makes anyone feel any better, I used to give the SS agent grief when I was forced to find another way to work.

Ha, I have learned to be very nice or ignore completely the agents there. I have seen and heard of things happening of which I want to take no part.

One was very nice to me once when my chain broke in the thundersnow some years back. He *really* didn't like me leaving my bike as I looked for the quick link, but he did help me look for it.

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