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When they write these stories, are they contractually obligated to have the bicycle commuting community represented by someone who works in the nonprofit sector?

More importantly, are they contractually obligated to get a quote from Lon Anderson?

Lon Anderson is a pretty effective troll with this crowd.

So, because someone makes a consciously poor decision to commute long distances by car every day, it becomes my problem how? I choose to live close to where I work, even though I would like more space and would kill for a yard for my dog and a garage for my fleet of bikes that are currently overtaking my living room. Because I'm not an oblivious douche-nozzle (At least not in this context...), I make sacrifices for the betterment of the planet, one of which being not owning a car and driving as seldom as possible.

"We've got to remember we are one of the leaders in the nation for post-hoc rationalization for expensive and unhealthy addictions," said a spokesman for the region's addicts

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