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Looks like the Parkway. Probably taken from the stone bridge.

Agree with RC. I think it's the GWMP too based on the curbs, color of concrete, etc. And also think it's from the Alexandria Ave/stone bridge spot because I can't think of where else they would have an angle like that unless they climbed a tree. What's throwing me off is the shrubbery so close to the street.

I highly doubt that's Rt 1, although I don't know of a lot of historical context to look back at. Rt 1 still doesn't have curbs in some spots and they wouldn't have it somewhere like that even today.

Is anyone wearing a helmet in that scene? Horrors!

I don't think the foam-injected plastic helmet was invented until the late 80s.

I was in high school in 1973 and bought a 10-speed. When panic buying during the oil embargo crisis hit, I remember zooming past the long line of cars.

Maybe it was spring 1974, but I can still see those long lines..

This photo is not Route 1, and sure looks like GW Parkway. I do wonder if this scene is related to the oil crisis.

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