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Well, that is great. Looks for enough for about 20 stations. Although if they have the hardware, why are they delaying the rollout this year?

Parsing the station, 8D (spotcycle) is committing to a new station. But not a new bike.

And how does 8D get away with the IP issue?

Was this done by DDOT or Alta?

Does anyone know why Ottowa sold the equipment and what did we pay? Full price? Discount? I did not see this info in the Wash. Post and it seems like a pretty basic question.

@turtleshell Ottawa decided to change vendors and relaunch. Major props to whoever it was who had the sense to snap up the station components and bikes.

@washcycle the idea most in need of being stolen from another company is interoperability between systems in other cities, i.e., making your bikeshare token work like an EZ-Pass. Cabi/Alta/DDot might see it as high-effort low-yield but a certain competitor already does this and uses it in their marketing.

I almost put interoperability on the list. But it's not really a technological limitation, it's a jurisdictional one. If it were to come, would people just join the cheapest system? Would systems charge for visitor keys? and many other questions need to be worked out.

Just avoiding the business of scanning your credit card, getting a punch code, finding that the last bike was taken while you were waitiing 5 minutes to get the code and getting back into line wold boost NYC bikeshare revenue a lot.

Also I forgot whether NYC charged that the $100 deposit or not, but it could be waived for users of other Alta systems (they know where you live)

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