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This will improve access from inside the beltway to the mountain bike trails at Fairland. Plus it creates another nice beltway crossing point, in addition to Cherrywood Lane and Rhode Island Ave. The beltway is a pretty big barrier to commuting to UMD and DC for some people out Beltsville way who don't want to cross or ride on Route 1.

This is definitely better than I expected. There are no sidewalks (just a wide shoulder debris-filled shoulder..you couldn't pay me to traverse it) on Cherry Hill Road just after the shopping center - so this will do a lot of safety improvement for those who live in the apartment community that's a stone's throw away, but totally isolated for those without a car. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a delivery before 2040.

Greenbelt, I always see the Blue Line bridge over the Beltway and thing of it as a huge missed opportunity. I'd like to think that now such a facility would always come with a bike/ped connection.

@washcycle -- in Prince George's county you could "like to think" that such a facility would be thought of when building things like bridges over highways, but out here, you can't assume that. The public gets its totally, but the politicians are still mostly in the 1990s. And the engineers are mostly in the 1950s I think.

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