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9 years? Wow, impressive--congrats!

Nice to see people are biking to Metro. I wish Metro would think about this a little more and consider at least covering some of the other parking.

Eg, Huntington, Braddrock, Rd, etc. A little bus like shelter over the bikes would probably prompt even higher ridership and cost Metro pennies on the dollar.

I'd like to know how many of those bikes are for biking to Metro and how many are biking from Metro to work.

I visited the McLean Metro station last month to take some pics for work, and the racks were full. I biked to that station rather than Tyson's because it seems far easier/safer to cycle to, so I imagine the ability to bike there more safely factors into the racks being full.

I was there around 4:30, so most of the bikes would have been for getting to Metro, at least in that instance.

Oh, and happy anniv. to WC. I thought I remembered a post saying posts were going to be reduced, but it's a good forum that I wish was used a bit more. You just can't have a civil discussion on biking at a lot of places, for instance the WaPo.

They have indoor bike racks at Greenbelt (unfortunately they're almost always full). It's great since the station managers can watch the bike area, and it's dry out of the rain and snow. I think it was originally a mistake -- they stored some rack inside that were meant to be permanently installed outside, but people started locking to them and so not they're permanent. I'd like to see more "inside option" racks -- many of the suburban station have plenty of space.

Happy 9th anniversary of bike blogging -- this site has made a big difference getting better bike access in the DC region.

Congrats on nine years! Thanks for all the great posts!

Thanks, DE.

Happy Bike-versary!

Congrats for 9 year brilliant posts.Thanks for gave a chance to read the first post "FlexBike coming to DC?"...


Congrats! And nice to read that people are cycling to Metro in greater numbers than expected.

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