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I like the trail on the south side (black), but it has some tricky parts that can be dangerous if not paying attention.

When eastbound, where the trail ends and forces a merge onto the access road at Rolfe, the merge is narrow, cyclists are going downhill at a good clip and there's an intersection with a blind sidewalk on the right. That adds up to speed, little time, and looking left when there's equal danger from the right.

When westbound at the end of the trail the crossing of 50 can be dangerous. With the green, cyclists have a channelized crosswalk. Westbound cars stop for the red, but cars using the right turn only lane fly through that red light without even thinking of the brakes. With the stopped cars blocking line of sight, a cyclist is going to get Millbanked pretty badly pretty soon.

That's not Pershing in your map. It's 10th St N.

Gotta say I don't agree that the crossings on the new North Side path are dangerous. The sight lines are extremely generous.

Would I have preferred grade separation from the ramps? Absolutely. But these crossings are far better than (for example) the crossing of the 50 >> Washington Blvd Ramp which is narrow and not T'd up like these new ones are.

Have to go try this out. It's not on my route, but I can always go grab a beer at the Quaterdeck, then go the long way.

@Chris - Agreed that the new north side trail is not bad. I ride it ever day with my kid in the babyseat. It just requires some patience.

It is indeed much better than the unimproved portion through the Wash Blvd interchange.

Sorry if I screwed up the map. Could have sworn that was Pershing...

Actually, Pershing Drive doesn't cross Route 50 in Arlington Forest. That intersection was eliminated when they put Route 50 under George Mason Drive. (It was a dangerous intersection.) You can cross at Henderson Road or George Mason Drive, but Pershing Drive ends at the access road on both sides of Route 50.

No, South Pershing Drive (and Henderson) DO CROSS Route 50 in Arlington Forrest.

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