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Very helpful work that hopefully spurs more action in this area. NYAve could be a showpiece entrance boulevard for DC with a little love and smart redevelopment. I'd like to see Bladensburg Road re-worked from NY Ave northbound also.

for those of us on CaBis (or with little kids, etc), the RIA hill is too much. a well-planned route through eckington that circumvents the hill would be great.

And a CaBi at the national arboretuem - probably the biggest biking destination in Ward 5, and one of the biggest in the district.

A connection to the Arboretum is a must. Will the NY Strip stretch all the way there?

I don't think it goes that far.

We need better bus service for ward 5!

The current best way around the RIA hill is 4th street and R. It's a mostly flat route with bike lanes until you reach Eckington Place on R, when it becomes sharrows until you cross Florida. It's out of the way, unless you are heading that far down RIA, but you have to go that far to avoid the hill.

moveDC proposes all of these bike improvements and more, including:
- bike lanes on W. Virginia and Rhode Island
- cycle tracks on Bladensburg, South Dakota, and part of Rhode Island
- a trail along New York Ave
- a trail from Ft. Totten along Gallatin Street that would connect to the Prince George's Connector

(Note: "bike lanes on West Virginia all the way to South Dakota Ave and then along South Dakota Avenue to the PG County Connector Trail" are not possible, since W.Va. doesn't go to S.Dakota and S.Dakota doesn't directly link to the Connector, but the above-listed improvements--along with bike lanes on 18th St. NE to connect W.Va and S.Dakota--get you what you're looking for.)

We have two different DEs on here now, I see. I didn't know this was possible.

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