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The picture looks nice, but I wish the bike trail were a little more trail-y and less sidewalk-y. Maybe a painted stripe?

the more I look at Frankenstein bike man in that picture, the more creeped out I get.

Mike, that's a photo of me. I've really tried to recover from my creation surgery years ago in a Swiss castle, so I have to tell you that this comment hurts.

Cool, but massive parking lots (1,300 spaces). Ugh. Not conducive to being bike/ped friendly.

Good information, but wrong in one respect. North of the Cafritz property, a cyclist can connect to the northeast branch trail by following the trolley trail to the Lake Artemesia path, and then connecting to the Northeast Branch Trail on the other side of Lake Artemesia. Alternatively, the MARC pedestrian tunnel at the College Park METRO station is a much better route for cyclists getting to the east side of the tracks than the METRO elevator/stairs, as there are no stairs required on the MARC underpass side, though it does require crossing the CSX tracks at a well-maintained crossing point.

Agree with Greenbelt,there needs to be striping. That pic actually does a good job of showing what would happen otherwise;you'll have peds all over the place.

The road/connection over the RR tracks was a critical component of the project - the developers could not get approval from the county without it. Otherwise there is only one way in/out (by car) and there was concern about traffic congestion on route 1. The new bridge should provide a good connection to the NE Branch Trail in the area just north of River Rd, via the M Square research area. Could also get a lot of cut-through car traffic from drivers trying to avoid E-W highway and downtown College Park.

The M Square area would be a good candidate for a road diet and improved landscaping. There's not much traffic even at rush hour that two lanes (one each way, with left turn storage) couldn't easily support. That would give room for bike lanes on the streets to help the connection over the bridge to the NE Branch trail.

Today I rode past the barrels at Riverdale Park and it looks like RP has paved the Trolley Trail all the way to the South edge of the Cafritz development, at which point it is ballast and blocked off.On the College Park /Albion side it is still brush and I did not venture down.

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