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I am actually OK with the rush hour bike ban on Metro and streetcar (which has been to my disadvantage on a great many rainy days). The issue for me isn't the space on the train, but the space on the escalator/elevator, platform, and station walkways. I'm even a practiced "cyclocross carry" cyclist! However, I also frequently navigate strollers through the system at rush hour, and would not recommend anything larger.

It's a reasonable policy in my view.

Even if that is the argument for metro. Those same issues are not relevant for the streetcar which has no elevators and no escalators and where the platform is basically the sidewalk. It's only slightly different then bikes on bus in that sense.

Right. I'm in favor of the metro ban, but the streetcar ban is stupid. You're outside, looking at the streetcar and can see whether it's full or whether the "platform" is too crowded for a bike. You're not going to have people trapped in a narrow tunnel with bikes. The other difference is the distances involved--I can't imagine a great many cyclists preferring the streetcar to just riding a couple of blocks at about the same speed, unless they've got a broken bike or are injured or somesuch; unlike the metro, bikes on streetcars are a fundamentally self-limiting problem.

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