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Thanks for the heads up. Those would have really wrecked me the next time I slide into the bike lane.

Bikes are simple machines. I wish everything else were simple too.

The good news is this should help keep cars and trucks out. The bad news if if cars and trucks park anyway, it'll be a bit trickier to merge back into the all-traffic lanes to go around them.

On balance I think this is a big improvement since parking in this cycletrack is the much bigger problem.

Why werent they placed within the buffer?

These are great, except they kind of over-narrowed the bike lane, and now it's really hard to pass. Sometime I hang to the right in the buffer, but then those zebras make it a scary prospect to cut back in.

I have yet to see a car in the lane since these went in (jaywalking pedestrians are another story entirely).

I wish the bike lane could be as wide as it used to be, but I suspect that they narrowed the lane so it would be almost impossible for cars to park in it.

I guess I'll accept the tradeoff. I wish they had tried keeping the wide lane and placing the curbs in the buffer first.

if they hadn't narrowed the lane, people would have continued to just drive all the way down it to park. except it would have been worse, because it would be harder for bikes to exit to go around. ideally the cars would simply stay out, but you have to live in the world which actually exists.

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