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General comment: I don't see a link to your Twitter feed anywhere on the site. I think that would be useful.

Nice work. Most of the fatalities in my home area seem to be on-shoulder or on-road hit from behinds. That's pretty depressing.

I am far from certain on this because I don't get over there that much, but I did work in Lanham for a while, and I'd say that there seem to be more roads in PG county that have high speed limits and cycling combined. In Arlington and DC, the speed limits tend to be lower on the types of roads that cyclists use. Fairfax of course has its share of roads with high speed limits as well.

re Wolfgang Jakobsberg's collision (Seven Locks Rd near Bradley Blvd in Potomac, MD): The driver claimed Mr. Jakobsberg swerved into his lane. The problem is that the shoulder Mr. Jakobsberg was riding on disappears right at the area of the collision. You can see it in this Google streetview: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.0137783,-77.1602661,3a,75y,199.45h,67.62t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1svSuQP_VvnHFvE02f5pZAJw!2e0

I can't believe after all these years that nothing has been done about this conflict point (and there are still no sidewalks for kids to walk to the elementary school).

Anyway, I would put the onus on the driver for attempting to pass the cyclist without leaving sufficient room. (It happened in the early afternoon, so lighting was not an issue.)

Depressing to view and interesting at the same time.

The one closest to me involves a little girl on a street I know is entirely residential. Running a stop sign and getting killed should not have happened there. The speed limit is maybe 20mph and it's just a tough place to speed. Perhaps a wrong time/wrong place/crappy outcome scenario, but still, wow.


I used to ride this section as part of my daily commute. I found it safer to cross the road to the opposite side and ride on the fairly wide shoulder facing traffic.

Not ideal for sure. And one time I had an SUV driver pull out of the post office (it's now a temple i believe) and upon seeing me he deliberately drove his car up the shoulder right at me forcing me to bail off the bike and into the grass.

Fun days in suburbia :)

very sad. thanks for putting this together though.

@Jeffb--I used to ride that as my daily commute, too. I had to turn left (east) from Seven Locks onto Bradley to get home, so I got used to taking the lane well before the intersection and before the shoulder disappeared.

Going the other direction past the post office one day, a driver drove his car the wrong way on the shoulder right towards me in an attempt to get into the parking lot. He didn't understand why I went ballistic. (He actually followed me back down Seven Locks and asked me. Weird, weird guy.)

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