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Having this trail complete between Palisades and Georgetown would be a fantastic connection to the rest of the city, avoiding Reservoir and Foxhall/Canal, which can be rather dicey at times. It would definitely simplify my commute.

Those who agree with Slappy J need to respond to this survey. Politically speaking, this survey will be used by those against the trail to solidify their position, so it is critical that those who want enhancements be heard.

I would never advocate stuffing the ballot box, but you can't complain about not be heard if you don't speak up.

Really jazzed up about my tax money and neighborhood quality being spent to make your hobby more enjoyable! Let me know what street you live on so I can set up a survey about starting a busway through your front yard.

The ROW isn't anyone's front yard. It is District-owned land. And it's not a busway. And it will improve the quality of your neighoborhood. And a path is about more than a hobby (though the city has an interest in supporting recreation too), it's also about improved transportation - which is a legit government function.

But I have a road in my "front yard" already. If there was a busway there, it would probably make my life better.

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