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Looks like the link for this is here:

She gave the last word to the insurance guy, who said the number one thing you can do to increase safety is wear a helmet. I sent her an email disagreeing: That may be the most important thing you can have done once you're in an accident (so not unreasonable for the insurance guy to mention), but the number one thing you can do is be more visible (bright clothing, taking the lane, lights, and not stopping if possible.

not stopping if possible
What do you mean by this?

I think it means to stay visible by staying in motion if possible. Drivers, like the dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park, tend to see movement better than stationary objects in their peripheral vision, especially when they're texting in the first place.

Exactly, Greenbelt. It's known as salience, the ability of the brain to discard things that aren't relevant before they bubble up to the conscious level. You're small, you're stationary; ergo, you're invisible.

The number one thing is having the best talisman possible. Anything ever touched by Eddy Merckx is a good start.

His bike color was orange, so that helps.

Keep moving is also about keeping momentum that allows you to more easily and safely maintain space between traffic.

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