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I think the message is seeping through to people. I feel as though I've had fewer people passing very close, although I concede there is no academic rigor to my observations.

From Jim Titus's article:
Between the ambiguous exceptions, and the exceptions to(the (bike lane and keep right) exceptions, Maryland has a law that is too confusing to explain to student drivers. Fortunately, the Motor Vehicle Administration appears to be sticking to the simplest approach: Drivers should pass cyclists with at least three feet. This was always MVA's recommended best practice, and the fact that a court can not convict a driver for passing with less clearance in some situations does not change the clearance with which a reasonable driver will pass.
Sounds like lawmakers got what they wanted. A too vague law to assuage the safety concerns of cyclists but with enough exceptions that enforcement isn't practicable and, if a motorist does strike a cyclist, a good lawyer will be able defend any charge.

Perhaps even a bad lawyer.

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