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Regarding the connection between the trolley trail and the NE Branch - even without the planned connector from Tuckerman, by taking 51st to the park entrance across from Somerset.

This is the first I have heard about extending the trolley trail south to Armentrout - any idea how they plan to do that? I don't think there is any right of way on which to to build more trail - it would need to involve some sort of bike lane or cycletrack on route 1? I would welcome a bike lane or similar facility along route 1 to Franklin St, which can then be used to connect to the Met Branch (I ride this way now, and it's not bad, at least at 7:00am).

To the north, a connection along RI Ave could have intersected with the ICC trail, if it had been built. What a lost opportunity.

It would also be great for businesses along Rhode Island Ave in DC to get a cycletrack from Armentrout to the Met Branch Trail!

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