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Kudos to her, that's my old 'hood and it's remarkable how much things have changed there, for the better.

A question though: isn't part of the appeal of CABI that it's dirt cheap to install a station? Like in the low tens of thousands of dollars? That doesn't sound like much of a concession for a developer to make.

Though I don't live in ANC 2F06, I heartily endorse Danielle. Take that with a grain of salt, perhaps, since I'm co-chair of the sustainable transportation committee that she organized.

I think the docks cost ~$50k. Bikes add to it. But then DDOT pays Alta a fee based on the number of docks, so there is a continuing cost after that. It may be that DDOT doesn't want anymore stations in the area - even if they're free to install. Though, the developers could also promise to pay the additional station maintenance cost too.

Well she lost 54-34. Interpret that as you wish.

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