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Is the prosecutor sending a message that drunk driving is a problem, but running over cyclists is not?

Wow, a 0.15 with a kid in the car and she sent the one cyclist into critical care (few photos floating around out there that look like the poor cyclist woman almost died) and they drop most of them to permit a plea bargain? Yah that takes some real gall from the prosecutor... /sarcasm.

The bike safety card that WBAL story links to is also kind of ridiculous. Eg, "Motorists must pass at a distance of three, with important exceptions: ... If Bicyclist fails to ride to the right....If the roadway is not wide enough for the
motorist to pass legally at a distance of
three feet." And then it explains this further to cyclists by saying you don't have to ride to right if "Operating in a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and
another vehicle to travel safely side-by-side within the lane."

So the card is saying a car can pass you with less than 3' if it's not safe for them to pass otherwise per road dimensions, meanwhile you can take the lane in the same scenario. Huh? It's like encouraging them to ride within inches and then whine you're not too the right.

She will probably get a weekend of community service, or a similar ridiculous sentence.

Based on some work I did a long time ago with Jim T, she will not automatically lose her license, and is likely to have a light sentence. The bottom line is that she will probably be driving in 2015.

Then again, this is AA county, where any charge for killing a cyclist is almost a miracle.

Another ringing endorsement for vehicular cycling.

I don't think this crash has anything to do with vehicular cycling or bike lanes. They were hit from behind by a drunk driver in daylight. There's really no strategy to prevent that.

If this is on the stretch of 450 I'm picturing, it's 4 lanes, divided, with a very generous shoulder. The speed limits is 50, most motor traffic goes 65, and no one cycles on the road.

This woman should never drive again, of course.

Smedley, I think it is on the part of 450 that is also the end of the Baltimore Annapolis rail trail. There's a bike lane there. Lots of people ride that part I believe.

Washcycle: "There's really no strategy to prevent that" Agreed. Which is why the law is the best tool for dealing with this problem.

"This woman should never drive again, of course." But that is the least likely outcome. How many drunks get their license permanently revoked?

Thanks, wash. I've never ridden a bike there, but I'm thinking of the same place. The bike lanes are ultra-wide, unmarked shoulders and, as you point out, full of riders. My only point was that there is no opportunity to ride "vehicularly" there.

SJE, I harbor no illusions.

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