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Note the priorities for the VBF in Richmond

Top legislative priorities:

Following Too Closely - the same bill as introduced last year, this time with Senator Reeves as patron.

Crossing the Double Yellow Line: this legislation is a follow-up to the 3 foot bill passed last session. Technically, it is illegal to cross the double yellow when passing a cyclist by the required three feet (though we all know it happens all the time.) This legislation would legally permit drivers to pass bicyclists and other slow-moving vehicles when it is safe to do so, without having to do so while staying in the same lane. Senator Reeves is considering filing this bill.

Secondary Priority:

Dooring Bill: We understand Senator Petersen will again be introducing the legislation. It would be helpful to get the support of non-cyclists (transit systems, etc.)

Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalks: Delegate Krupicka will likely again introduce this legislation which failed to report on a 3-3 tie in House Trans Sub 2.

No Maintenance Fund Penalties to Localities who Implement Road Diets . We understand the McAuliffe Administration may introduce legislation which clarifies a current Administrative practice which penalizes localities when the number of motor vehicle travel lanes are reduced to add bike lanes.

Distracted Driving: We expect some type of legislation to be introduced though we don't have details yet. Monitoring.

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