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Actually Hogan rides and was known to join Chip Depaula on some rides back in the day. I'm not sure he will be much different on the Purple Line given financing was the primary issue these days.

Should add the LG-elect's campaign manager is an avid cyclist (Randy Nixon) living in western Howard County. Hopefully he accepts a position somewhere in MDOT and can serve as the cyclist voice of reason or at least influence some of the decisions.

Gov elect Hogan may be a cyclist but he campaigned heavily on cutting taxes and expenses. The dollars allocated for the Purple Line are an easy target and the people that will be angered are MoCo and PG voters who went heavily for Brown. Hogan's republican predecessor revived the ICC when we all though that it had been effectively killed. I fear that the "more lanes of concrete is better" mentality will prevail in this next administration and that the Purple line will end up dead. In the end the NIMBYs in Chevy Chase may prevail.

As far as I can tell, Herrity voted for the bike plan so he can claim to be bike-friendly while continuing to vote against any money for bikes, pedestrians, parks, or anything that doesn't involving paving more lanes for cars.

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