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oooh, SNAP!

They just can't be bothered. Because entitlement.

Giv'em a break. It's the day before Thanksgiving and the city is empty. ;)

They're problaby so used to parking in the bike lane they didn't recognize the opportunity to park legally for a change.

When I come into the city around 6:30 a.m., I see this sort of thing all the time with delivery trucks on G street. There will be parking spaces open, but they just park in the bike lanes (or double-park, taking the entire lane) anyway. Once they've established that that's how it's done, they're not going to change unless they have to.

So, its OK to park in the bike lane, but if a cyclist gets injured then they can't recover because of contrib negligence.

Why should they get a break? It is more than a net negative to have the bike lane overtaken by delivery trucks. Being forced out of the lane is a way more sketchy move than riding to the right and taking the lane as needed, because now the cyclist is forced to reintroduce himself to traffic flow. Why bother having the bike lane at all if such parking is tolerated.

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