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Where is this taken? They have made a lot of progress on the area near Kenilworth Aquatic gardens. Trail is cleared and has a hard-packed dirt/gravel surface from near the track in Kenilworth Park down to the river. They need to build a bridge to cross the waterway that connects to the marsh by the aquatic gardens. There is also a long cleared section north of where the bridge will go, leading up almost to the RR tracks.

Just north of Benning Road bridge

They're making progress from the north as well.

The section south of the marsh inlet has a similar surface to what Greenbelt posted at that photo. North of the inlet it's just cleared of debris and vegetation along the right of way. Approx this section: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6483686

Anyone driving NY Ave or taking a train over the river will notice a large crane between the two bridges. Presumably it will be working on the boardwalk section of the trail.

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