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Excellent -- this will make it a lot more obvious how to get to the Met Branch trail for people navigating for the first time.

Look, they already have the bike lane blocked with that propane tank.

Seriously, if this helps get to the Metropolitan Branch Trail, that's great. It's nowhere near my regular route, but I have plans one nice day to go out that way, pick up the Crescent, then go across Chain Bridge, just to check it out.

Plenty of car and van parking spaces available on the new track this morning:

so guess where people are going to "just be there for a minute to run into harris teeter"? yup, in the bike lane. easy pickin's for a savvy parking enforcement/segway officer to hand out tickets. oh, how the money will roll in. those parking spaces are now eliminated & i wonder how many accidents/close calls will take place w/people getting in & out of cars/cabs/shuttle buses on that short stretch of block.

They put up the bollards (is that the correct term? Plastic posts like the ones on the 15th St bike lane) today. Looks pretty good, except the small gap across from the loading dock was just the right size for a small bus to squeeze into, completely blocking the lane. Looked like the sort of bus used as an airport shuttle or employee shuttle.

Bollard is correct I think, but more specifically I think those are flexposts.

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