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FYI the bike counter link has a space in it so it's broken. The correct link is: http://www.bikearlington.com/pages/biking-in-arlington/counting-bikes-to-plan-for-bikes/counter-dashboard/

Regarding the intersection of doom, without a no-turn-on-red sign and a pedestrian-only cycle, it's no better than it was. They have shortened the time for cyclists and pedestrians to get across and added a very brief delay, and those motorists turning right on red or just as the light changes are still looking the other direction as they turn across the crosswalk.

While obeying all the laws, exercising great caution, and using two bright lights, one blinking and another solid, I was still almost run over here last week. (Not an exaggeration--only quick evasive action saved me. I was then yelled at for being in the way.)

Improvements at the intersection of doom to include improving visibility at the Holiday Inn entrance? I know that the entrances to the Key Bridge Marriott are a huge issue, but not the Holiday Inn (which is not located along the Custis Trail). Is this a typo?

GM, that's what the BAC minutes say, but it is probably the Marriott.

You wrote, "Wilson Blvd between Rosslyn and Courthouse could also get a protected bike lane when it's repaved next year. This is in design and evaluation right now. Another project on Wilson will repave the road from N. Frederick to Manchester street in spring of 2015. That project will create bike lanes between Bluemont Park and N. Frederick Street. Sharrows will then connect those bike lanes to ones on N. George Mason Drive and the Bluemont Trail. Later those bike lanes could be converted to cycletracks."

It's getting hard to keep track of what a bike lane is and what a cycle track is. I hope the terminology gets standardized at some point. I think you're saying here that one segment might get a protected bike lane, while another part will get standard bike lanes connecting to sharrows. Then the standard bike lanes (not the protected ones) might be converted to protected bike lanes (protected bike lanes is synonymous with cycle track).

I think the industry is going to have to stick with a term for protected bike lanes that doesn't have the word bike lane in it.

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