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Why do we have special laws for children? Because they are vulnerable and not the same as adults, and we hold adults to the higher standard in order to protect children.

My view of the Washington Post gets dimmer and dimmer. This leaves me wondering...

- Does repeated publication of comment-trolling stories about a particular minority group foster contempt for that group?

- Is it time for WABA to begin encouraging its members to live a WaPo-free lifestyle? Or maybe an Amazon-free lifestyle?

That first question might make a pretty good sociology Ph.D. thesis. As for the second, I'm hesitant to give up my $1.85/week Sunday-only subscription, but giving less money to Amazon is worth a shot.

Shorter Washington Post:

We have a stupid law, but we can't even start to fix it until we agree to fix the entire system. Thats like saying you can't change your business model until you are bought out by a Tech billionaire...oh, wait

The Post seems to have one editorial foot in reflexive, liberal, politics, another in the neoconservative, security state cesspool, and another in this kind of local, reactionary, nonsense. That's too many feet!

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