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Thanks for this news. Very important that they get this right, even the temporary detour. I always see people using the current bridge (and many are children). There's a middle school, library, and shopping center on one side of the highway, and one of the largest affordable apartment complexes in the area on the other.

I assume cyclists can continue to use the roadway on the high bridge if they are comfortable doing so.

I have a friend who lives down this way. I look forward to getting just as lost in Virginia on my bike as I do in my car.

Tiny steps, Crickey. Take your Capital Crescent Trail/towpath into Georgetown and cross your bridge of choice into VA. Go south along the river on the Mount Vernon trail, turn right onto the Four Mile Run trail at the airport and take to the WO&D trail, turn right on the Custis Trail, turn left at Key Bridge and you're back across the river and safely home w/out ever having ridden on a road.

Seminary is just a bit up from the WO&D at Shirlington if you're feeling especially adventurous.

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