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A $1,000 reward in 1905? That's the equivalent of about $25,000 today. Do the police offer such rewards when a cyclist or pedestrian is killed by a car these days?


The link in the blog post requires an account, this one does not. And at the time the Washington Times was a more substantial newspaper than the Post. (That version of the Times went out of business.)

The lcolumn long article in the Times says the reward was $100 not $1000.

What are the odds that some anti-bike winghut website gets a hold of this story and reports it as a modern, new story about "scofflaw cyclists"? Probably fairly high.


To live to be 89 in those days was quite a feat. If he'd had access to modern emergency care he might have made it to 90. Then again, if he'd had access to modern junk food, he might not have made it to 89.

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