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Unfortunately this pattern seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Since I moved to the area over 10 years ago there are numerous trail projects that have progressed very little - the WB&A bridge over the Patuxent, the connector from the NW Branch to Fort Totten, most of the Met Branch, Rock Creek trail reconstruction. I am grateful that the southern segment of the Met Branch is complete and that substantial progress is being made on the Anacostia trail.

substantial progress wont be made on the anacostia trial. mark my words...

becasue most people -- esp cyclists -- are ahistorical, they dont realize that most of these projects will never be finished -- or started.

Curious -- does anyone know who we could reach out to to push the south shore trail along? Some county representative? There are more and more new homes and families going in along the trail and where we are on Millersville Road, there are no sidewalks for recreation with the family. The trail is much anticipated by our family but I'd hate for it to be 10+ years from now as it seems has been the case so far...

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