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The Suitland Road bike path is nice, but not always well maintained and kind of orphaned on either end. Your idea for connections right on the money.

True, but DDOT is in the early stages of rebuilding it now (planning etc...). Perhaps the connection is included in that project? They really blew it when they didn't do the connection as part of the rebuild of the bridge a few years ago - and they should have extended the trail underneath of it right up to the Maryland boundary.

That was finished in 2007


Could they continue the Suitland Pkwy trail to the intersection with Naylor Rd., then turn left along Naylor to Southern Ave?

I would think that it would be less expensive to do this, than to build a bike bridge up to Southern Ave.

DDOT can't because that's in Maryland. But the plan is to eventually extend the SPT to the Naylor Road Metro station.

Still, it's kind of a long detour (and all that's needed is a ramp, not a bridge. Even stairs would do for most people.)

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