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Isn't this just cyclist paranoia, part of the war on knives?

If the youth had been smart enough to try to hit the cyclist with his car, he might have only gotten a traffic ticket.

...and a thumbs-up from Courtland.

The cyclist should not have ridden in the path of the guy's knife.

Whoa, blaming the kid with the knife. He was just defending himself because the guy was on a bike. And something about lycra and Lance Armstrong. And because the kid once saw a cyclist run a stop sign, it was completely necessary that he stab the cyclist and put an end to his entitled disrespect of knife-wielding Washingtonians.

SJEm you left out the arrogance of the cyclist...

The article fails to mention whether he was wearing a helmet.

Of course. We all know cyclists are arrogant. Just ask Courtland Milloy.

Has anyone ever seen that kid and Courtland Milloy at the same time? Just sayin'...

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