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Why is it that many of the fatal cyclist accidents that I see in the media involve a hit and run driver?

I read an article last fall (in the Orlando Sentinel?) that incidents of motorists leaving the scene of an accident causing injury or death to peds/cyclists is up 37% when compared to 2003.

I imagine it's due to the perceived legal risk from DWI, relative to leaving the scene, etc...if one gets caught at all. I have read that the closure rate on H&R isn't good.

Jeffb, part of it is that I think the police go to the media with hit-and-run crashes because they're hoping for help finding the driver. So 100% of hit-and-run fatalities are reported, but only about 50% of all fatal bike crashes are covered. A little less than 20% of all fatal bike crashes are hit and run, and about half the time, the driver is never found.

But, there are probably about 200 people in the DC area right now who have killed someone with their car, left the scene and were never caught. Think about that for awhile.

To be fair, it could be one guy that killed 200 people.


Might want to contemplate the supposedly humorous comments to a post about a cyclist killed by a driver who left the scene...

There is a long history of Gallows humor, and I tend to believe it's helpful. No one is making light of the victim.

Dammit, I was hoping for something uplifting on my Monday. At least they got the car.

I'm glad dark humor is permitted here. I give the universe permission to laugh at demise, because "death with dignity" is an oxymoron.

My demise, that is. Sorry

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