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Actually, 50 runs East-West - so to differentiate form the bike trail on the other side of 50, call that one the North-side of Arlington Blvd and this one the South-side of Arl Blvd.

Not in this part, it doesn't. From washington blvd to N. Fairfax it runs north-south.

Incorrect. The trail shown in the photo isn't near Washington Blvd. It starts at Pershing and run on either side of Route 50 which runs east west.

Further, Route 50 is named Arlington Blvd. It separates North Arlington from South Arlington, and thus does not run north south. Of course, it is not a straight line - nonetheless there is no section of US50 in Arlington labeled 50N or 50S - but there are many signs for 50E and 50W.

Sigh.... Route 50 from Washington Blvd to Fairfax Drive goes north and south. Look at the map. I don't care what it's called - those are naming conventions. I'm talking about directions on a map. The title does not refer to the trail along Route 50 East, but rather the trail on the east side of Route 50. How can that trail not be on the east side of Route 50? That's where it is... That's just a fact. Go out there with a complass if you don't believe me.

Here's the area in question. The map don't lie.


Perhaps an easier way to explain it would've been "along the Fort Myer side". At first, I hit the same confusion as Ken as Route 50 is signed east-west, even though Wash is technically correct that this stretch is aligned north-south.

"Fort Myer side" might have been better. I wrote this post from my phone, by voice (which is surprisingly more difficult) so I suspect it could have been better. I was also concerned that not everyone would know where Fort Myer is. But east-side is not wrong. [Nor do I think south side is wrong. I just didn't choose to do those.]

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