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I don't know if it's an officialy sanctioned location but tour busses often park at the end of Water St. near the trail entrance.

Since its a dead end street the busses have to make a laborious 3 point turn to turn around. I'm patient and will wait for them to complete their turn but, this being Washington, quite a few won't.

It's also a favorite staging area for TV and movie crews doing shots in Georgetown. I rode though the catering line of one.

One of the issues of putting stuff down there is access. Car traffic only has one way in/out until you get to Wisc. So if you have an event or just a popular spot,it's going to be a traffic mess. There also isn't any bus service that goes back there,and no Metro anywhere near it.

Of course,it's pretty accessible to cyclists,but we know we never go anywhere.

Sunday was a super busy day down at this location, and as such it sort of worked as "shared space." The one concern I'd have about the cycletrack shown is the number of driveways that will cross it to reach the boathouses.

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