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Note, the location for tonight's Riverdale session is NOT very bike (or pedestrian for that matter) accessible. You can take the sidewalk from College Park Metro to 201 South, but the sidewalk ends at 201, and taking the lane on 201 in that stretch at night could be very unsafe, even with bright lights.
Alternatively you can take River Road though the office park area toward 201, but the left on to 201 is bad and there's a median to cross back to get to the event site. Better to just take the left lane on River Road and turn left just after the bridge into the parking lot and go through the parking lots around back I think. Either way, not a very convenient location for people except if they drive cars.

The meeting last night in Riverdale was cancelled. I got there late so I'm not sure what the reason was. Rescheduled for Feb 10th same place and time.

Amendment. The sidewalk/sidepath on River Road now goes all the way through the circle and over the river now, so you can walk or slow bike on that side path all the way to the back entrance to the MNCPPC parking lot. You still have to jaycross four lanes to get there, but all least there is a feasible route for people on foot or bike riders not comfortable on those roads.

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