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That's ugly. I remember that ramp and telephone poll from when I used to ride out to Lanham. I just figured no one gave a rat's and that's why it was that way.

In the other direction, care-wise, Arlington really did plow the Custis Trail yesterday, and it was far safer than the regular frozen footprints you'd normally have. There were some ice patches this morning, of course. I'm going to ride either way, but I think I'm sold on this plowing of the trail thing. I'm going to write to thank them.

Very glad you posted this -- I've seen that pit of potential doom several times, but never took the time to take a picture or send in a request.

If I remember correctly (I moved a few years ago), it's not exactly fun trying to get cars to stop for you on that stretch, either.

I've long been bothered by this steep abutment in the pavement of the trail. I'm glad to see WashCycle giving it the attention it deserves!

Interestingly, the configuration isnt 100% problematic to the experienced user: there is a noticeable downhill gradient heading east/southbound which allows one to use this to help stop before the road, while those crossing Riggs Rd can use it to gain momentum for that uphill going the other way. Of course, a lot can go wrong here in the worst case scenario, and thus the best solution is to flatten/straighten this steep kink out.

Who has jurisdiction over it? One of the issues we face out here in the VA burbs is that a trail might be owned by an HOA, a sidewalk connecting to it the County, and the road and curb cuts the State...might be why it never gets fixed.

PGC Department of Parks and Rec


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