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Arlington's are somewhat better - you can pick a spot on the map from both the app and the web version. For many problems, Arlington Staff contact the 3rd party that needs to be contacted for you.

For other issues, though, they don't - you get the same "you need to talk to X" and they tend to close the ticket the moment they've passed the buck on to the 3rd party (VDOT, Dominion, etc), rather than following up with them and closing the ticket when they've ensured that the 3rd party has actually done the work.

When my 311 requests go unresolved, I've found calling DDOT directly works pretty well. I've always reached a friendly person, and they gave me an email address to send in a picture when they couldn't find my pothole. This probably wouldn't help with the jurisdictional confusion on the bridge, unfortunately.

There is an online portal for 311 that allows you to point and click on the map. Unfortunately, when I had the same issue on the Frederick Douglass Bridge yesterday, it would not allow me to click on the bridge, or the path that follows that was completely covered. It adjusted the location on the map to another point on South Capitol St, and im still not sure anyone even read the text before closing out the ticket.

call ddot bike-ped right now and ask if the CCT is clear of snow-- they dont know!! if they dont know, who does!?? 202 671 2331

it's hopeless folks. bikes are simply not going to be a priority in dc in our lifetimes... the nps is anitbike. i had a friend tell me this years ago and i thought he was wrong. i now think he is right. im moving back to san fran. if you try living a city where there is something --- anything -- going on that is politically progressive, youll soon realize how backward dc is. and i say this despite obvious improvement in dc in the last decade.

The map feature on DC 311 is cumbersome. It's easy to have the incorrect address selected if you don't do it right. Then DC sends people out to the wrong street and reports the problem fixed.

I did manage to get the torn-up concrete fixed and replaced, in the 15th St. bike path, next to the Treasury building between F and G St. There were large cracks and dips on the curb side of the old concrete pad (when it used to be a bus stop). I landed in it on a CaBi bike, with a thud. (On a road bike, I might have gotten knocked off the bike.) It took a few tries, but eventually someone sent out a work crew, tore up the crumbling concrete and resurfaced it with asphalt. (Buses no longer stop there since it's part of the "cycletrack" now.)

Arlington is usually more responsive, except at locations where different jurisdictions overlap: Arlington, VDOT, NPS. One minor problem is a swastika carved into the concrete along Rte. 1, near the intersection with Crystal Drive. It's visible on Google Maps Street View here. I've reported it a few times, but it gets shuffled around among different organizations.


Another long-term item is a clump of concrete that must have fallen out of the back of a truck years ago, when Potomac Ave. was being built. It's close to the bike lane, so it might be a problem for unsuspecting cyclists. I've reported it a few times to different agencies: ARL, VDOT. I even spoke with a VDOT rep, but I think the concrete clump is still there.


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