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We counted 349 riders on L St in the peak hour in our summer '14 counts (coincidentally, one block from AEI's offices)

Also, while bicyclist perception of safety in the mix zones is low, research showed the L St design has some of the highest indicators of safety among all cycletrack 'mix zone' designs http://docs.trb.org/prp/15-1178.pdf

(sorry, check that. 349 riders for the PM peak hours, plural)

Typical of what passes for political discourse today. The people (not) using the bike facilities have no lives, aren't going anywhere, and wouldn't be anywhere else if they weren't there. They are merely objects in my solipsistic mise en scène.

With thinking/writing like that, you have to wonder if "Michael R. Strain" is a pseudonym for "Courtland Milloy."

Gotta love a guy who doesn't use his real name making fun of someone else's name.

This is downright incoherent. Not to mention ironic, that a conservative is clamoring for more subsidized stuff.

You're easily ironed, Crikey.

Reality has a well-known liberal bias!

I wish Michael R. Strain wrote an article about I street downtown.
No bike lanes. And by 3pm its a parking lot of cars attempting to move forward.

According to Michael R. Strain, I street's traffic is due to the bike lanes. So is Connecticut Avenue's. And the Beltway. All traffic is due to the bike lanes. ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD.

If anyone were really concerned about moving traffic downtown in rush hour, they'd be recommending cops writing tickets for blocking the box. That's yer bottleneck creator.

MISTER Michael R. Strain is on a roll.

This is why nobody likes you, Michael.

Michael R. Strain sez: 1. Few people use the bike lanes. 2. The bike lanes cause increased congestion and delays for drivers.

Then he sez: preliminary data from the ongoing L Street study [showed] that over the [first six months after] the cycle-track was installed, biking on L Street was up 41% (560 cyclists during the 8 hours of rush hour, up from 396)... Meanwhile travel time by car had increased by only 1 minute across the length of [L with the cycletrack] in the morning and by no measurable amount in the afternoon commute.


Am I the only one who doesn't remember how Robespierre’s égalité worked out?

I think everyone ended up eating cake. Or something.

Something about bistro waiters carrying loaded trays in a race?

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