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Washcycle, if your argument is that irrational thinking is foolish then your argument is spot on. But the Weekly Standard, pundits, politicians and a good deal of "scientists" do not use rational thinking as their standard for assessing the reasonableness of an argument. They all use a moralistic standard: there is a right way to think about a particular problem that is defined mainly by how my community thinks. Rational thought has nothing to do with it. The most ironic case of this was pointed out by Amartya Sen in his critique of economics titled appropriately "Rational Fools."

Well said.

I'm not sure how much ground there is to be gained arguing against specious reasoning because the intent of the reasoner was never to be fair but was to misrepresent in order to further their agenda. However, this is still a wonderful rebuttal for anyone fair-minded who reads it and might otherwise think the WS had some sort of point.

DE, The point of arguing against specious reasoning is to sway the on-the-fence public, not the innocently ignorant reporters at the Weekly Standard.

Then again, it is not uncommon for reporters to show up with a bag full of the usual biases. After dumping those biases into their reporting, the public gets a shot at educating them. However, this character is a columnist rather than a reporter. My hope is that the public will be made aware of this rebuttal.

That article was a big steamer. I wonder how someone would add lanes on M St?

The strawman at the end regarding turning 66 into a bicycle highway was quite ridiculous as well as the comment about taking a gas mask onto the Metro.

Who are these columnists?

The Weekly Standard is just engaging in high brow trolling for the conservative reader.

What really sucks is there isn't a comments section,so you can't rebut the article where it'll be seen by the readers.

Whenever I ride that section of M Street (it's not my usual commute) there's never any cars. And by none I mean 2 or 3 for the entire 4 block stretch. Like ghost town.

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