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I think this is a great idea. Cutting off the angle would not lose a lot of land - it's not like the alternative routing would bisect this parcel in half.

Some have noted that many of the violent attacks on the MBT occur at the Z turns on R St. and behind the warehouse on T St.

If Pepco Park became an inviting and active area, it could deter such attacks at that spot. Depends on how successful the park design is. Would it be empty most of the time, or would there be many people be there, participating in active and positive events?

T St. would remain a potential problem spot. But if Pepco Park is successful, then maybe it can increase bike and pedestrian traffic along that entire section of the trail.

I agree. They don't have any renderings of it, but they do include this "Community input into what is desired at this location has touched on an amphitheater, a strong connection to the MBT and grilling facilities. Other community participation identified tending a garden and walking through a meadow as desirable for Pepco Park."

So that's five things. By running the trail diagonally across the site (or some sort of S-Curve) that would get one of them and also break the space up.

Make the NE side transition from community garden near the diagonal to trees near the train and north side fence. In the middle is a meadow and the existing trail path becomes the walking path. The trees provide screening.

Make the SW triangle into an area with a pair of grills and some picnic tables and a small stage in the SW corner.

That's how I would do it.

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