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I used to ride that very stretch back in the 90's. Lots of narrow, high-volume roads around there.

The sooner the better!

2004! Those drawings were presented at a community meeting in 2004!

I'm at a loss for words to express how pathetic DC can be sometimes. How many streets do you think got paved since then? But we can't manage to put down 10' of asphalt on completely neglected, unprogrammed, vacant "park" land?


(I know, preaching to the choir by complaining here...)

Just to clarify -- it's the Fort Totten Connector, heading to the Anacostia trails from the Ft. Totten Metro along Gallatin St, that for some reason has me really steamed. So simple to execute, yet zero movement for so many years.

The Fort Totten Connector won't be truly functional until PG County builds their missing section, between Avondale Park and Chillum Rd. You can use neighborhood streets for a portion of the missing link but then you need a 1/2 mile ride along Chillum, along with a left turn at an unprotected intersection.

DC could make their portion of the connector with about 50 feet of pavement though.

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