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That's in Chevy Chase, not Silver Spring!

Only people who live there can tell the difference.

It looks great, though I haven't tried it yet. Definitely a benefit for those riding North out of Chevy Chase, or as we call it, Silver Spring West.

So here's what happened. I read the headline and started mine, and I thought it was talking about the Green Trail in Silver Spring, which is kind of a sidewalk. Then I read the article, but never fixed the headline. It happens.

Any photos?

Just this one.

Green Mile

Google maps has photos of workers building this segment

I pass by there all the time and see people walking on it

That photo is so shopped.

I'm not sure about the cat riding the bike either.

Why isn't the cat wearing a helmet?

I've actually used this twice to get back and forth to Bethesda. That stretch of Wisc between Friendship and Bethesda is one of the few places where I'll wimp out and ride the sidewalk. Despite three lanes and low traffic on the weekends,every time I've ridden it I've been buzzed. Esp nice since with all the salt on the roads,I've been slagging CaBi's through the mess.

Must be on an early one of his nine lives

As long as we're on it, that's not a piece of road I have the huevos to ride on, either. However, aren't there some R4-11s somewhere along there?

Had to look that up(may use full lane sign). Yeah,they're there,but MD drivers. The first time I rode that strip,it was a Sat afternoon and traffic was super light. I was getting passed like every few minutes. I was taking the right lane,and a woman passed within maybe a foot of me. I caught up to her at a light. She was purposefully looking straight ahead and not acknowledging me. But her sunroof was open so I leaned in a yelled,"YOU MISSED!". Rode the street once more and got buzzed again,so from then on I just used the sidewalk. I only run up there a couple times a year to hit up the comicbook shop,so it's not a big deal.

Isn't the "Green Mile" the last mile you travel before you die?

I ride the "green mile" sidewalk btween friendship heights and bethesda to work every day. And it's been CLOSED for months now bcs of about a 30 feet stretch that is all gravel. I have no idea what they are doing but day to day, it looks like pretty much nothing. any updates would be much appreciated!

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