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I guess I broke the law again at Lynn and Lee this morning. A driver illegally took my right-of-way when I was in the crosswalk and they had the no-turn arrow that no one notices, and I had to flee the crosswalk to avoid getting hit. So, I was outside of the crosswalk and breaking the law, like the cyclist who got hit there and ticketed for it. Good thing there were no police there to ticket me.

They have a new temporary sign up there saying to yield to pedestrians in crosswalk too. The first day they put it up, it completely obscured the walk signal. I had no idea when the pedestrian/cyclist cycle was. Finally made a break for it right as the light changed.

They (whether Arlington or VDOT, I don't know) have since moved the sign so that it doesn't obscure the signal.

Ass-clowns. The only solution to this other than an impractical flyover/tunnel is no turn on red all the time.

The ads in Prince George's are all about death being the penalty for jaywalking. Ironically, they're often placed at bus shelters that don't have crosswalks.

Honestly, remove the last line and ad on the side of the bus is actually better than all the ones I've seen!

Follow up. Some pics of a bus stop in Prince George's with StreetSmart ad that implies that teen jaywalkers will be killed, which is only accessible, of course, by jaywalking. No marked crosswalks at all, and nearest unmarked crosswalk is hundreds of yards away.

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